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About Swhengtee


Swhengtee International Investment Alliance

Founded in 2008, Swhengtee International Investment Alliance has positioned itself as an international investment outfit right from the beginning. In 2010, it set up Swhengtee International Real Estate Investors (REI) Club to connect property experts, fund management companies, international real estate agencies and other investor clubs for the purpose of collaborating in joint property investment ventures. Swhengtee’s core strength is in investment consultation, international joint-ventures, project marketing and management and most recently, the company is involved in building investment and development.

Within the first 5 years of the establishment of its investors club in Malaysia, the company managed to complete deals worth over RM1 billion. By 2015, it is confident of achieving RM3 billion in investments as its international network grew exponentially. Swhengtee Alliance targets to bring in RM10 billion investments into Malaysia by year 2018.

Swhengtee Club’s philosophy is to cater to the global real estate market as Malaysian real estate goes global. The club spread its wings to Penang in 2012 and Johor Bahru in 2013. It later stepped foot into the global market by setting up branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Taiwan. It also has joint ventures in Japan, Singapore, Indonesia and the United Kingdom.

To further promote Malaysian real estate and tourism, Swhengtee International conceptualized a world tour covering over 20 cities worldwide beginning from September 2013 and which is still ongoing. As its reputation flourished on the international stage, Swhengtee International Investment Alliance was invited for a number of international property events. Its President, Dato Sri Gavin Tee was the only foreigner invited as a Key Speaker for The 5th China Investment Forum in Fuzhou, and was also invited as a guest-of-honour to officiate and speak at the opening of the Asia-Pacific Real Estate conference held in Tokyo.

Swhengtee International is a recipient of the 2011 International Standard Quality Award (ISQ) – Quality Professional Company category; and the Outstanding Brand Character of the Year 2010 Award (Top Global Character Brand Of The Year Category) of the Global Golden Brand Awards and Passion & Commitment Award by Malaysia Alliance Worldwide Network for its contribution to the social and business world. As Founder and President of Swhengtee International, Gavin Tee was named Malaysia's Best International Real Estate Investment Guru by TOP 10 OF ASIA, and was also one of the award-winners of the World Young Entrepreneur Award 2014 at World Summit of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Macau.

Encouraged by its string of achievements, Swhengtee International is continuing its mission to educate investors on the intricacies of Malaysia Property and Real Estate Investment as well as playing a significant role to foreigners interested in investing in Malaysia, for example, in the Iskandar region and Greater Kuala Lumpur. The company’s subsidiaries extend to movie production and property publications such as REM, the first Chinese language property magazine in Malaysia and providing content to New Straits Times (Real Estate & Décor).

Based in Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Swhengtee International is committed to ensuring the growth of a healthy real estate investment environment in Malaysia and to that end, actively promotes Malaysian properties overseas while at the same time educating the public on property investment through the mass media.  


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