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拿督斯里郑水兴表示,这将是一场最的展览会,而主要原因有:第一,我们有最佳的地点—— 吉隆坡谷中城会展中心,这里向来都是发展商公认的最佳展销地点。第二,我们选择了一个最佳的时机。根据我的预测,明年3月开始将会是本地房市扭转乾坤的转捩点,无论是投资者还是发展商绝对不容错过。第三点则是,展销会获得《大马房地产》与《亚洲地产评论》杂志的鼎力配合,这两本中英文月刊拥有广大的房地产投资者及读者长期订阅,这将有助于推广这场展销会。







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Swhengtee房地产投资展销会 2016



Swhengtee Property EXPO 2017 is the second Annual Property EXPO organized by Swhengtee Group at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre from 24 June – 25 June. This 2-day expo was attended by more than 16,000 visitors from Klang Valley, Johor Bharu, Penang, Melaka, East Malaysia and overseas.
The EXPO had 50 local & international exhibitors, featuring an extensive range of middle to high end residential and commercial properties under one roof.
Some of the EXPO highlights are as below:
1.Swhengtee EXPO Opening Ceremony officiated by YB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri Bin Abdul Aziz, Minister of Touism and Culture Malaysia.
2.The Launch of Malaysia-Xiamen Chamber of Commerce (MXCC)
3.“Smart Young Homebuyers” Initiative Soft Launch
4.Malaysia Proptech Association Launch
5.“Anyone can be a Property Millionaire” TV Reality Show Finalists’ Sharing

Swhengtee EXPO Launch official by

YB Dato' Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, Minister of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia.



Some of the EXPO highlights:











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Swhengtee 9th Annual Property Forecast Talk 2016


2016 Most Impactful Property Forecast Talk

“Turning 2016 into the BEST year to Invest”




The year of 2015 was full of challenges for the real estate industry however we survived through the storm and some of the giant challenges we faced.  Aren’t you excited to find out what Dato Sri’ Gavin Tee going to inspire you on how to handle it in a total different way with great strategies? 


Everyone eager to know how the property market will move on and what expectations will they faced. Will it rise or will it get worst? Due to current inflammation and the economic crisis and also the increasing cost will the price continue to raise or fall despite to the poor sentiments?



Dato Sri’ has indicated that this year would be a great chance to seize the best for the property due to the housing price as it will not decrease low in the following 8 years. Instead it is expected to rise!


Don’t miss out this time to invest in the next 10 years!!!



Do not missed this golden chance to discover yourself how to overcome this crisis and turned it into a success with Swhengtee’s 9th Annual Property Forecast Talk held on 27th February (for English session) and 28th February 2016 (for Chinese session), at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC).



想洞悉市场下一步走势,提早部署应市策略,您绝对不容错过此项受市场关注的房地产年度盛事 --《翻转2016大马房市》

Event details:

Date      : 27th Feb 2016 (Saturday) for English Talk (英文讲座)

                  28th Feb 2016 (Sunday) for Chinese Talk (中文讲座)

Time      : 10am – 5pm

Venue  :  Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (Hall 1)

                  Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.

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[Buy1Free1] Swhengtee 9th Annual Property Forecast Talk 2016


Buy 1 Free 1 Special Promotion

Swhengtee Members, Real Estate Malaysia or Asian Property Review Magazine Subscribers entitled to special promotion BUY 1 FREE 1 with the early bird price at RM80. Promotion valid till30/11/2015.



Swhengtee会员、《大马房地产》杂志订户以及Asian Property Review杂志订户可以RM80优惠价购买两张普通门票!优惠期至20151130日。

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Booth Information


Attracting a genuine crowd to visit an exhibition is hard enough; getting potential investors to come is even harder. As organizers of the Swhengtee Expo, Swhengtee Group, along with Asian Property Review Magazine and Real Estate Malaysia Magazine, have a clear and strong advantage in managing the expo.


With the unbeatable combination of Swhengtee’s huge following, as well as Asian Property Review’s and Real Estate Malaysia Magazine’s strong readership, Swhengtee Expo is guaranteed to garner substantial interest from the investment community.


Claim a piece of your booth today for not to miss the best timing!

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