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Dato’ Sri Gavin Tee














-  SWT International Investment Alliance, Founder & President
-  SKT Media & Entertainment, Group Chairman
-  Real Estate Malaysia Magazine, Consultant
Deputy Chairman of Fiscal & Economic Research Committee of the Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce (MCCC)
Chairman of International Film Development Committee of Malaysia Chinese Culture Society (MCCS)
-  Founder of SKT Talent Development Fund


Dato' Sri Gavin Tee is a man with many talents and has taken on numerous roles in his professional life. He is the founder and president of SwhengTee International Real Estate Investors Club. Through his global network, he has recently set up “SWT International Investment Alliance” aimed at bringing in RM10 billion to invest in property development, manufacturing & film production in Asia within the next three years.


Over the decades, Gavin has built himself up into not only an internationally renowned investment adviser and entrepreneur, but an extremely popular and respected speaker and trainer. He was also appointed as the Vice-Chairman of the Investment Advisory Committee of the Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce.


As one of the region’s most popular investment experts, Gavin’s annual forecast on the Malaysian real estate market has long been one of the major highlights of the industry. Key points he revealed during his talks often became major references for both investors and developers. His accurate predictions are well known in the industry, and helped pave the path for him to be appointed as a consultant to many top 10 developers in Malaysia & China.


Gavin was also invited as the VIP speaker for Country Garden Group - the first real estate developer from China to venture into Malaysia. In 2013, Gavin took the next step in his global venture with his self-funded SwhengTee Property World Tour (SWT) to more than 20 cities worldwide to promote what he calls the Greater SEA Era as well as Malaysia as a premium real estate destination. Most recently, he was invited as a VIP speaker at “The 5th China Real Estate Fujian Businessman Conference” held in FuZhou, China, as well as a key speaker among all the top Asean leaders at  Charming ASEAN, into China” launching event which was organized by the China-Asean Association.  Gavin was also invited as a Guest Lecturer at Tsinghua University Global Executive of Business Administration Program (EMBA). Next, he will speak at The 4th Malaysia-China Entrepreneur Conference (MCEC) which will take place in Xiamen on 9th September 2014. Gavin has been active in establishing liaison networks with his global counterparts long before others. He has set up real estate consultation offices in Beijing, Xiamen and Shanghai, and formed strategic alliances with partners from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, and the UK to pave the way for his global real estate journey.


Gavin has come a long way in the industry and has more than 23 years’ of experience behind him. Gavin’s investment prowess is widely recognized and he personally led his team on an amazing run in the real estate industry. While his investment club is only 6 years old, it has already invested more than RM1 billion in the real estate market to date. Gavin plans to hit the RM2 billion mark before the end of the first half of 2014.


Over the years, he has won numerous awards and accolades including the Top Global Brand Character of the Global Golden Brand Award 2010, the 21st Century Prestigious Brand Award and ISQ International Standard Quality Award. In 2011, Gavin was chosen as one of the top 100 Chinese business leaders by Management World Magazine and Economic Daily Press in China. He was also included in the inaugural World Fujian Business Dictionary the following year. In 2013, he was featured in China Daily under the column Chinese Leaders, a special feature that aims to be a comprehensive record of outstanding Chinese and ethnic Chinese entrepreneurs from around the world. He is also recognised as Malaysia's Best International Real Estate Investment Guru by TOP 10 OF ASIA, and as one of the award- winners of Distinguished Chinese Award 2013 by Hong Kong Chinese Who's Who Society. Not too long ago, he was awarded “Asia Most Influential Entrepreneur” in real estate by the Golden Dragon Award 2014 in Fangchenggang, China.


In order to better disseminate real estate information to more people, Gavin had co-operated with Malaysia’s oldest English broadsheet, the New Straits Times from 2011 to 2013, to help provide content to its weekly real estate pull-out. He is also the adviser of Malaysia’s first Chinese real estate magazine, Real Estate Malaysia, and his contribution in the printed media further cemented his position with both Chinese and English speaking audience.


Not one to rest on his laurels, Gavin began to invest actively in movie production, and founded SKT Media & Entertainment Group to move full steam into the entertainment industries in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. SKT acts as a production and talent agent to further expand his network on a global scale, by forming a strategic alliance with Beijing-based Internet Film Group Ltd (IFG). And most recently, SKT has ventured into the Taiwanese movie industry as well as into Malay film production, artist management and film distribution.


Besides, Gavin has recently founded & launched “SKT Talent Development Fund”, which is aimed at providing funding to talented Malaysians, enabling them to further their creative endeavors. Abigail Lee and her debut novel “12 Levels” was the first project supported by the fund. She set the national record as the Youngest English Novelist, recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records.


Also, Gavin has had great achievements in promoting cultural & educational activities during his younger age. He has won many accolades for his organizational and leadership skills both locally and internationally. He initiated and organized many major events such as “United We Return We Serve We Succeed Campaign” to support “Malaysia Returning Experts Programme”, “Malaysian Reef Conservation Campaign” which received “Malaysia Book of Records” award and “Preventing Road Accident Campaign”. He also initiated the “Full Participation Initiative Campaign” to encourage senior citizen, disabled people to be involved in social and national development.


A believer in balanced living, Gavin has also invested in Malaysia’s biggest yoga centre, mYoga, to bring the benefits of this ancient art to more people.


Gavin is truly a special individual and his achievements cut across industries and borders. His innovative and insightful investment style is unlike others.


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Swhengtee Investment Profile



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About Swhengtee


Swhengtee International Investment Alliance

Founded in 2008, Swhengtee International Investment Alliance has positioned itself as an international investment outfit right from the beginning. In 2010, it set up Swhengtee International Real Estate Investors (REI) Club to connect property experts, fund management companies, international real estate agencies and other investor clubs for the purpose of collaborating in joint property investment ventures. Swhengtee’s core strength is in investment consultation, international joint-ventures, project marketing and management and most recently, the company is involved in building investment and development.

Within the first 5 years of the establishment of its investors club in Malaysia, the company managed to complete deals worth over RM1 billion. By 2015, it is confident of achieving RM3 billion in investments as its international network grew exponentially. Swhengtee Alliance targets to bring in RM10 billion investments into Malaysia by year 2018.

Swhengtee Club’s philosophy is to cater to the global real estate market as Malaysian real estate goes global. The club spread its wings to Penang in 2012 and Johor Bahru in 2013. It later stepped foot into the global market by setting up branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Taiwan. It also has joint ventures in Japan, Singapore, Indonesia and the United Kingdom.

To further promote Malaysian real estate and tourism, Swhengtee International conceptualized a world tour covering over 20 cities worldwide beginning from September 2013 and which is still ongoing. As its reputation flourished on the international stage, Swhengtee International Investment Alliance was invited for a number of international property events. Its President, Dato Sri Gavin Tee was the only foreigner invited as a Key Speaker for The 5th China Investment Forum in Fuzhou, and was also invited as a guest-of-honour to officiate and speak at the opening of the Asia-Pacific Real Estate conference held in Tokyo.

Swhengtee International is a recipient of the 2011 International Standard Quality Award (ISQ) – Quality Professional Company category; and the Outstanding Brand Character of the Year 2010 Award (Top Global Character Brand Of The Year Category) of the Global Golden Brand Awards and Passion & Commitment Award by Malaysia Alliance Worldwide Network for its contribution to the social and business world. As Founder and President of Swhengtee International, Gavin Tee was named Malaysia's Best International Real Estate Investment Guru by TOP 10 OF ASIA, and was also one of the award-winners of the World Young Entrepreneur Award 2014 at World Summit of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Macau.

Encouraged by its string of achievements, Swhengtee International is continuing its mission to educate investors on the intricacies of Malaysia Property and Real Estate Investment as well as playing a significant role to foreigners interested in investing in Malaysia, for example, in the Iskandar region and Greater Kuala Lumpur. The company’s subsidiaries extend to movie production and property publications such as REM, the first Chinese language property magazine in Malaysia and providing content to New Straits Times (Real Estate & Décor).

Based in Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Swhengtee International is committed to ensuring the growth of a healthy real estate investment environment in Malaysia and to that end, actively promotes Malaysian properties overseas while at the same time educating the public on property investment through the mass media.  

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