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Secrets To Investing In Property During 2016

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Real Estate Experts Navigates A Year Of Possibilities For Property Investment

Last Saturday (27 February 2016), an investment forum, 2016 Market Outlook with the title "Strategies To Invest In Difficult Year Of 2016", was conducted at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC), Kuala Lumpur to educate the general public on proper strategies of property investment.



A panel of specialists was devised, consisting of Ho Chin Soon (Managing Director of Ho Chin Soon Research (Real Estate Trends & Hotspots) ), Mr Ishmael Ho (CEO of Ho Chin Soon Research Sdn Bhd), Elizabeth Siew Wai Kit (partner of Messrs Iqbal Hakim, Sia & Voo), Dato' Sri Gavin Tee (Founder & President of Swhengtee Group), Dr Daniele Gambero (CEO and co-founder of REI Group of Companies), and Mr Koong Lin Hoong (Managing Partner of Reanda LLKG International).



Co-organised by Asian Property Review (APR) and Real Estate Malaysia (REM), the forum aimed to guide the masses in making smart choices for their 2016 property investment. From 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm, Jan Yong, Editor-In-Chief of APR, acted as moderator while the discussion addressed the current "propernomy" (property-economy) issues that may or may not affect investment expectations in the next half-year.


"Singing The Same Song But Different Tune"

According to what we gathered from the forum, the speakers were united in the front that property investment will not be largely affected by external circumstances of the country's economic and political scene. Yet, their personal opinions on the system and mechanism of real estate differ slightly from each other.



Mr Ishmael, son of Ho Chin Soon, strongly affirmed that the property market is unpredictable similar to a "blanket question", and relies on government focus in particular areas or initiatives, such as last year's "Gerbang Melaka".

Nevertheless, Ms Elizabeth's views focused more on the practical, legal aspects of property investment. "You make money when you buy, not when we sell," she said while further stating that property market is subjective to the choice of area, cost-cutting factor, and laws that affect it such as the recent enactment of the Housing Development Act and Strata Title Act.



"There are things which are hidden behind the wall that we do not see," she shrewdly added to the fact that the quality and services of property invested in have lessened over time.



Meanwhile, Dato' Sri Gavin concurred with Ms Elizabeth about the higher standards and quality of properties back then during '97 and '98.


Real Estate Provides The Highest Returns, Greatest Values And The Least Risk


On another note, Mr Koong addressed the issue of inflation against property prices. According to him, the increase of cost in building materials by developers may be unavoidable but the supply and demand of property "will never drop unless there is a war".



"When house price goes up, material and labour price go up. House prices are a function of supply and demand. If [houses are] overpriced [and in a] bad location, [they] can't sell and [you] can't blame the developers," stressed Ho in concurrence with Mr Koong. He cautioned the audience to "think carefully" about their investment choices, strength of the brand, timing, and so on.

In accordance with Ho's words, Mr Daniel who hails from Italy, commented that what was mentioned by Ho is the basic fundamental rules of the market. "When we look into the market, Malaysia has a demand 10% to 20% more than other neighboring countries... more demand than supply," he added.



On the note of oversupply of high-end properties and undersupply of affordable properties, Mr Daniel anticipated a demand because of the natural growth of Malaysia's population, claiming "we are one of the ASEAN giants ruling the world".

Other questions that were responded to included the current currency affecting property market and interest rate, the implementations of highways, Dato' Sri Gavin's forecast of Iskandar's (Johor Bahru) properties; and quite unexpectedly, the controversial issue of the country's political arena and its sensitivities.



For the latter, Mr. Ho simply remarked that the stock and property market are disassociated from politics, that the concerns regarding the government would not have much impact on investment in real estate. "If a new government comes up, [it] doesn't mean it's [the new government] incorruptible," he firmly resounded.


Mr. Daniel backed him by saying, "For Malaysia, it's GE [General Elections] 14. Do you know what number is Italy's? GE96!", to the amusement of the audience.


Best Of The Best For Greater Kuala Lumpur



As we all are aware of, knowledge is power and it can be used to elevate certain areas of your life. Given the facts, inside information and word of advice through this forum, what we can expect for the year 2016 is a profitable and game-changing impact on our real estate industry as it continues to maintain their competitive edge in the world of property investment.



"Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual's cash flow and wealth." -Robert Kiyosaki

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Real Estate Malaysia 4th Anniversary Talk-KL Station has been successfully accomplished last Sunday 15/5 & it was a great turn out. Dato’ Sri Gavin Tee & the forum panelists shared their insights on Malaysia’s property market & if you wish to participate in the upcoming talk at JB on 11/6 (Sat), REM's advisor Dato Sri' Gavin Tee will be presenting his talk entitled "Unlocking the Secrets to Investing in 2H 2016"(Chinese Talk), don’t miss it.

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